How to use the PUBG GFX tool?


Friends, you must have been playing Pubg, you will have a lot of interest in pubg and will be playing because Pubg game has become a very popular game worldwide. Because ever since Pubg game has come into the world, the same word is spoken in every Android smartphone. The habit of playing it is such a thing among people that they cannot give up even after wanting it. With the help of the GFX tool, you will be able to play Pubg game in such a good way that you can have a chicken dinner very quickly.

But if you have a good pubg gfx tool and its advance setting is done in it, then lag should be forgotten. Because with the help of a tool yo pug will never lag, then we will talk about the same thing in this article. And due to the updates coming over time, PUBG Mobile has become so much that if your mobile has less than 3GB and processor then the problem of lag will start.

What is the PUBG GFX tool?

As you play Pubg and your Pubg is playing, the mobile hangs. The GFX tool is used to make this smooth and lag-free expression. In this, you will get many such features, with the help of which you can customize everything of mobile. The GFX tool you will find in the Play Store is available in both free and paid. It depends on you which one you use. We will talk about both.


FPS: With its help, the Zooming area can be covered in the phone. By making it better, you will be able to see the area shown in front correctly.

Graphics: Graphics works in a way to make space in mobile. This will see the number of times a video or photo is a small show? With this help, graphics can be converted to smooth HDR, HD Balanced.

Resolution: This pubg decides how many snakes to show to every character made in the game.

Colors style: Talking about color, how to color the viewing screen with the help of the GFX tool can also be done easily?

Gpu/RAM: These can also be increased to some extent with the GFX tool, which will make the game run a little smoother.

Hardware customizes: System speed can be increased with the help of hardware which is a text inside the Android phone.

Pubg GFX tool setting.

So I have told you about it, so let me tell you how to set it?

First of all, you can download it by going to the play store or clicking on the link given below.

Now you open the app, some pages will come forward by scrolling them, in this, you can see what settings you can do in it? With this, to what extent can your mobile be made better for pubg gaming?

Now you must have gone to the home page of the app today.


Game Variant: In this, select resolution of Global 0.17 here, you can choose from any VGA to HD, WHD.

Restore: If you set something wrong then you can restore the pubg game is not running smooth.

FPS: Do up to 30fps only if you have mobile up to 4G.

Graphics: Talking about graphics, HD can be smooth except HDR.

Style: Leave only the classes in style.

MSAA: You can also enable it.

Shadow: Enable the shadow.

Even after these all settings should be the glory as they are for pro. You just have to do an advanced setting above. You may have to take a pro plan to use it further. If you can spend some extra money then you can take its pro plan.

Note: So I have given you complete information about how to use Pubg GFX Tool, so hope you have liked the article. If you like it, share it like Facebook Twitter, etc.


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